Contact Information

Jason Parent: 603-387-4626
Age: 46
Birthday: May
Hometown: Northfield, NH
Industry: Outdoor Adventure
Occupation: Fishing Guide
Location: Lakes Region
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Why I Do This

Fishing on Lake Winnipesaukee is an activity I have been partaking in for over 25 years. I have turned my passion into my business and share my knowledge with families every summer on the water. I have always enjoyed the look in a young anglers eye when a salmon breaks the water behind the boat or the net comes aboard with a flopping rainbow.

The experience of being on the water at dawn and the smell of the air as the morning fog disappears, is a moment everyone should sense. The moment the fish strike and rod bends, a sense of accomplishment comes over me and I feel the next challenge is at hand. The battle between the angler and the fish is something which has taken place forever and nobody should go through life without this wonderful feeling. Salmon Patrol Charters provides that feeling every summer to many lucky guests.